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The us-Sunnah Foundation prides itself on being a unique entity in the philanthropic world. Established in 2014, our foundation was conceived not just as another charity, but as a waqf-first organization. With a foundation built on our founders' own funds, family assets, connections, partners, and a profound expertise in technology, we set out to create a charity that stands the test of time, providing long-term, permanent aid rather than just one-time emergency assistance.

Islamic Bonds (Sukuk) - A Game-Changer

These bonds represent an exceptional opportunity for sustainable charity. With an initial investment of $10,000, these Sukuk generate approximately 0.90% per month in operational cash for our charity. Moreover, they compound annually by about 20%, increasing their monthly yield significantly over time.

YearInvestmentMonthly Income

Islamic Bonds Impact


This means if you donated $100 today that would be invested right now and over the next 10 years would give $280 in monthly income as well as ~$516 in assets for the charity that continue to generate income until the end of time or could be liquidated for emergency cash. Giving you both immense reward for that monthly income going straight to orphans and those in need.. but also all the good deeds of the charity by making it possible for us to operate!

Our Goal

We are on a mission to continuously raise $10,000 increments to invest in Sukuk, enhancing our ability to support our charitable endeavors sustainably. Each new investment in Sukuk brings us closer to achieving our vision of perpetual aid.

Our History & Impact

A Commitment to Permanence

From the outset, our vision was clear: to be a permanent fixture in the landscape of giving, focusing on long-term, recurring support for those in need. The concept of Waqf—purchasing permanent assets to benefit the community indefinitely—is central to our mission.

Early Achievements

  • In our first year, we invested in multiple rice fields, laying the groundwork for a sustainable supply chain that would support our charity's operations and feed countless families.
  • By our second year, we had established eight low-income apartment complexes, providing affordable housing while generating income to support our initiatives.

Flexibility & Expansion

The arrival of the Rohingya refugees in Indonesia underscored the need for adaptability in our approach, prompting us to expand our waqf to include more liquid cash generation assets.

Strengthening Our Base

Our acquisition of a warehouse in Tangerang, Indonesia, marked a significant step in consolidating our operations. This facility serves as our headquarters and a hub from which we support communities throughout Java, refugees in Aceh, and others across Southeast Asia.

The Evolution of Our Waqf

In 2023, we sought the most efficient waqf assets to maximize our donors' contributions. Our exploration led us to Islamic Bonds (Sukuk)—Shariah-compliant, SEC-regulated bonds that offer stable income and significant compounding potential.

How You Can Help

Join our Waqf campaign today and be part of a visionary approach to charity. Your donation towards our Sukuk investment goal not only grows but also generates continuous support for those in need. Let's create a lasting impact together, one investment at a time.


Together, we can build a legacy of compassion and care that endures for generations.

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