Empowering Lives, Building Futures

Since our inception in 2014, the us-Sunnah Foundation has been on a mission to carve out pathways of hope and prosperity for those in dire need. By adopting a Waqf-first approach, we've committed ourselves to the timeless Islamic tradition of Sadaqah al-Jariyah, aiming to create sustainable sources of aid that resonate through generations. Our journey began modestly with the cultivation of two rice fields, the establishment of low-cost housing for needy families, and the strategic renovation of a warehouse to serve as the heart of our operations.

Embracing the innovative use of Islamic Bonds within our Waqf program has revolutionized the way we fund and expand our charitable activities. This approach not only multiplies every donation but also secures a continual support stream for our initiatives, covering operational costs and significantly amplifying our capacity to aid. Through this model, we've been able to provide millions of meals, construct numerous shelters, and support hundreds of orphans and refugees with the dignity they deserve.

Our approach is deeply personal and localized, ensuring that aid is not just a transaction but a transformation. This philosophy has seen our orphans grow into successful adults who now stand with us, volunteering to uplift the next generation. It's a full-circle moment that underscores the profound impact of investing in human potential.

As we look to the future, the us-Sunnah Foundation is excited to expand its Waqf program through Islamic Bonds, aiming to cover more ground and touch more lives. Our vision is vast yet focused: a world where every orphan and needy family finds solace and support through our collective efforts. By joining us, you're not merely donating—you're weaving your thread into the fabric of a perpetual charity that promises eternal rewards, insha'Allah.

We invite you to become a part of this enduring legacy. Your support empowers us to continue our mission and expand our reach. Together, we can create a ripple effect of kindness and generosity that echoes into eternity.

Our Core Campaigns


At the heart of our mission is the unwavering commitment to support orphans. Our Orphans campaign aims to provide these children not just with basic needs like food and shelter, but also with education and emotional support, ensuring they have the foundation to build a bright future. We believe every child deserves a chance to thrive, irrespective of their circumstances.


The plight of the Rohingya community requires urgent attention and action. Through our Rohingya campaign, we focus on delivering immediate aid and long-term support to the refugees, helping them overcome the challenges of displacement and rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.


The Waqf campaign represents our innovative approach to sustainable charity. By investing in income-generating assets, we create a perpetual fund that finances our projects, ensuring that your donations continue to benefit the community long into the future. This model exemplifies the true spirit of Sadaqah al-Jariyah, offering a lasting legacy of benevolence.

Special Ramadan Campaigns

Ramadan is a time of increased generosity and community. Our special Ramadan campaigns on LaunchGood focus on maximizing the blessings of this holy month, from feeding fasting individuals to supporting our ongoing projects. These campaigns are an opportunity to multiply your rewards while significantly impacting the lives of those in need.