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Introducing us-Sunnah Foundation

The us-Sunnah Foundation (501c3) aims at providing long-term and permanent solutions through establishment of a network of centers for dawah and charity. We call this program “Dar us-Sunnah” which plans long-term to build a center in each district of our city to include a minimum of an office, food bank, orphanage and small masjid which […]

Ramadan 1438 and Beyond

Ramadan Iftar Relief - Art 2 Thumb

Alhamdulillaah, this Ramadan we were able to repeat our cooperative efforts from last year with other local organizations. Together we were able to feed hundreds of orphans in our second annual Ramadan event which included many events for the orphans as well as a lesson and reminder on the importance of the orphans to our […]

Second Harvest from Waqf Rice Fields

Alhamdulillah! This week we received our second harvest from the rice field we purchased as waqf (endowment).  The fields take 5-6 months to produce a single harvest. Our volunteers worked hard to divide the rice into equal sized bags, search our community for the most needy to prioritize them and then distribute today to mostly widows and […]

Orphan Quran Gifts As Waqf

quran waqf project

Previously we had donated ~250 Qurans to the two Rohingya camps which were gifted to us from the printing factory in Medinah. Today we donated the rest of those, over 100 Qurans, to Rumah Tahfidz al-Fattah in Kotabumi, Tangerang. As the part of waqf project. They are both an orphanage that cares for the children’s […]