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Sharing Love and Happiness

sharing love and happiness

Islam teaches to spread love and happiness. Helping others, relieve other’s difficulties, covering up other’s disgrace from being exposed.

What is Fasiq?

what is fasiq

Fasiq is people who doing al fisq. The scholars of Islam explain: الفسق في الاصطلاح: العصيان وترك أمر الله تعالى، والخروج عن طاعته، وعن طريق الحق “al fisq means disobey to Allah and leaving the command of Allah, out of obedience manner and the right path” [Mausu’ah Aqadia Dorar Saniyya]. So, fasiq is anyone who […]

Every Muslim Will Be Tested

muslim tested

If you think that when someone become a Muslim believer, then his life will be easy and flawless. Then, you are wrong. Every Muslim will be tested.