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Helping Thirsty People

Helping Thirsty People

There are many ways to give alms and assistance. You can help orphans, help people who are starving, help people who are bankrupt, help victims of natural disasters. Everything is good and has virtues. And one of the good alms is to provide assistance in the form of drinking water to people who need it. […]

Learn from Salaf: Wise Man will Save His Time

saving time

Ibn Aqeel al Hanbali, one of famous scholar of Hanbali madh-hab. Pay attention to his words below. This describes us how strict our scholars were in saving their time and not wasting it in something unnecessary. Ibn ‘Aqeel al-Hanbali said: إنه لا يحل لي أن أضيع ساعة من عمري حتى إذا تعطل لساني عن مذاكرة […]