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Feed the Poor and Orphans, Allah Will Bless You

feeding the poor and orphan

The wealth that we give to the poor, the orphans and to needy person is the truly wealth we have, and it’s comes to Allah’s blessings. Feed the orphans!

Every Prostration Raise Your Position

Every prostration Raise Your Position

Every sujood you do in salah, will raise your dignity before Allah and omit your sin. The more you do it, the more you increase your dignity & omit the sins

Uncounted Favors From Allah

uncounted favors from allah

Allah has been give us so many favors. The life, breath, health, wealth, family, job, and so on. All from Allah, and we can’t count them all.

Beneficial People, Most Beloved By Allah

beneficial people

The person most beloved by Allah is who the most beneficial to other. Means, he does many efforts to give any advantages to others.