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Update on Rohingya Situation in Aceh

After providing the initial emergency needs for the Rohingya and the pending deportation of the non-refugees we started work with the involved organizations and the government for the long-term needs. Since the camps are spread in two separate areas they can’t be combined in to one camp, but rather there will be two camps long-term […]

Second Visit to Rohingya Camps

We were invited as a personal guest by Patrialis Akbar, the former Minister of Law and Human Rights (including Immigration) under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who is now the top Constitutional Court judge of Indonesia. As an official guest we met with government officials involved in the Rohingya refugee situation such as Usman Abdullah, the […]

First Visit Rohingya Camps

We visited all 3 of the Rohingya camps in person this week in Langsa, Bayeun and Lhoksukon. We met with representatives multiple nonprofit organizations as well as some of the initial government responders at the camps to assess the situation. The first two camps were fairly close together and had larger support already. The Lhoksukon […]

Rohingya Refugees in Aceh

Rohingya Relief 1

The Rohingya are called by the UN as the most oppressed people on the planet. A couple days ago there were International headlines of thousands of refugees trapped in the seas. Fishermen from Aceh (Indonesia) have rescued hundreds of the refugees and they were now in 3 camps in Langsa, Bayeun and Lhoksukon. Our team […]