Allah Doesn’t Like People Who Exceed Boundaries

Allah Doesn't Like Those Who Exceed Boundary

You should be modest in eating and drinking. Eat and drink in moderation. Also in other matters, don’t exceed the boundaries. Allah does not like extravagant people.

Allah ﷻ says,

 وَكُلُوا وَاشْرَبُوا وَلَا تُسْرِفُوا ۚ إِنَّهُ لَا يُحِبُّ الْمُسْرِفِينَ

“And eat and drink but waste not by extravagance, certainly He (Allah) likes not Al-Musrifun (those who waste by extravagance)” [al-A‘raf 7:31].

Al Saadi says: “Extravagance is either an increase in the amount sufficient and gluttony in food that harms the body. Or it is an increase in luxury and food, drinks and clothing, or by going beyond the permissible to the forbidden” [Tafsir al Saadi].

Rather than wasting your money to fulfill your extravagance life, you can share it with people in need.


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One thought on “Allah Doesn’t Like People Who Exceed Boundaries

  1. Григорий says:

    In His Holy Book, Allah (SWT) has set boundaries and limits that believers of Islam must not exceed unless they want to digress from the teachings of Islam and become a Kaafir (unbeliever). The following are a few of those bounds that Allah(SWT) has set.

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