Equality in Giving Gift to Our Children

equality giving gift

One of children rights in Islam, is that the parents should not overdo one of their child in giving. It is not permissible to give only one child, while the other is not given. Because this is unfair and injustice, and Allah does not love people who do injustice.

In Shahihain, a hadith from an Nu’man ibn Bashir. His father, Bashir bin Sa’ad gives him a slave. Then an Nu’man preach this to the Prophet ﷺ, then the Prophet ﷺ says:

أكل ولدك نحلته مثل هذا ؟ قال : لا . قال فأرجعه

does each of your children get something like that?”. Bashir says: “no”. The Prophet ﷺ says, “then return it” (Al Bukhari & Muslim].

in the other riwayah:

اتقوا واعدلوا بين أولادكم

fear Allah and do what is fair to your children” [Al Bukhari & Muslim].

An-Nawawi says: “If the mother gives a gift to her children, then like the father she should treat them equitably in all the matters we have mentioned; the same also applies to the grandfather and grandmother” [Rawdat at-Taalibeen, 5/379].

Loving your children equally may be hard, but giving them gifts equally is possible!


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