Want People to be Nice to You? Be Nice to People

nice to people

Islam teaches you to treat others the way we want to be treated. All the good treatment we want to get, then do it to other people. All the bad things that we don’t like people do it to us, so don’t do it to others.

A hadith from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin Al-‘As (may Allah blesses them), that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) says:

من أحب أن يزحزح عن النار، ويدخل الجنة، فلتأته منيته وهو يؤمن بالله واليوم الآخر، وليأتِ إلى الناس الذي يحب أن يؤتى إليه‏

“He who desires to be rescued from the fire of Hell and to enter Jannah, should die in a state of complete belief in Allah and the Last Day, and should do unto others what he wishes to be done unto him” [Saheeh Muslim].

Means, lead to them and do with them what you would like to be done with you. And bring to the people their rights of advice and goodwill, an example of what he would like to bring to you [Dorar as Saniyah].

Kindness will bring goodness. Wash away your sins by doing good to others.


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