Avoid the Doubtful Matters!

avoid doubtful matters

If you learn about Islam well, you’ll find that everything that halal (allowed) is clear. And, everything that haram (prohibited) is also clear.

But, there some matters that you still don’t know about them, and you feel doubtful about it. Just avoid them, and take only the undoubtful and clear.

Because, taking something that doubtful and unclear whether it’s halal or haram, will lead you to something truly haram.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said:⁣⁣

إنَّ الحلالَ بيِّنٌ والحرامُ بيَّنٌ وبينَهما أمورٌ مشتبِهاتٌ فمنِ اتَّقى الشُّبُهاتِ فقد استبرأَ لدينِه وعرضِه ومن وقعَ في الشُّبُهاتِ وقعَ في الحرامِ

❝Verily, what it halaal is clear. And what is haraam is clear. And between them, lie doubtful matters which many people do not know about. Whoever is avoids the doubtful matters. He has protected his religious commitment and his honour. But, whoever falls into doubtful matters will fall into that which is haraam.❞⁣⁣ [al-Bukhari and Muslim]⁣⁣.


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