The Prophet Taught Us to Wash Our Hands

The Prophet ﷺ gave us a great example to keep ourselves clean. One of the example, he taught us to wash hands before and after eating. We need to keep an eye on it, especially in this situation (virus outbreak).

A hadith from ‘Aishah,

وإذا أرادَ أن يأْكلَ ، أو يشربَ . قالت : غسلَ يدَيهِ ، ثمَّ يأكلُ أو يشربُ

“… and if the Messenger of Allah ﷺ wanted to eat or drink, he would first wash his hands and then eat or drink” [an-Nasa’i, classed as Saheeh by al-Albani].

Ibn Qudama says:

يستحب غسل اليدين قبل الطعام وبعده, وإن كان على وضوء

“It is recommended to wash hands before eating and after it. Even if someone still has his wudoo” [Al Mughni].


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