The Charity of Miserly and Generous Man

Charity and generosity will raise happiness in our heart. Contrary, the miserly will raise narrowness, sorrow and unhappiness.

From Abu Hurairah, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

مثل البخيل والمنفق ، كمثل رجلين ، عليهما جبتان من حديد ، من ثديهما إلى تراقيهما ، فأما المنفق : فلا ينفق إلا سبغت ، أو وفرت على جلده ، حتى تخفي بنانه ، وتعفو أثره . وأما البخيل : فلا يريد أن ينفق شيئا إلا لزقت كل حلقة مكانها ، فهو يوسعها ولا تتسع

❝The case of a miserly man and a generous man who gives in charity is similar to that of two persons who are clad in armour from their breasts up to their collar bones.

When the generous man gives in charity, his armour expands so much as to cover his fingertips and toes.

When the miser intends to spend something the armour contracts and every ring of it sticks to the place where it is (sinks into his flesh). He tries to loosen it but it does not expand.❞ [Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

If you don’t believe it, just prove it!

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