Alhamdulillaah, all praise to Allah, with the blessings of Allah, we’ve distributed the orphans aid packages on February 6, 2018. We distributed 200 packages of food to the orphans and the poor.

These $40 food packages would feed them for a month that were contained of rice, oil, sugar, sardines, instant noodles, flour, etc.

Distribution of January Orphan Relief

Documentations of the January orphans relief distribution are attached below.

Donation collected last January was $5,216* out of $8,000 target. Obviously those amount were still not fulfilled the target that we all wanted. But alhamdulillaah with the help from Allah, your prayers and supports, we could bring the 200 packages of food relief to reality. Each of package costed $40 that would be provided to the orphans and the poor.

Thank you for your participation of donating and promoting this loving orphans campaign. We do hope your next participations in this social service program in the next months.

“Act to the orphans like a merciful father acts to his son.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari]

Once again thank you and jazaakumullaahu khairan, may Allah rewards you with the abundance of good.

*) The donations are the amount that we’ve collected from our website only, doesn’t include the donations that were collected from LaunchGood and KitaBisa.

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