Alhamdulillaah, the us-Sunnah Foundation is now entering our fourth year as a nonprofit organization. Today we launched our new website to make donations easier for our supporters as well as process donations with less fees. The updated site will also allow us to better update our donors with our activities. Additionally over the last few months we have successfully built 200 shelters and provided millions of meals for Rohingya refugees together with our partners. We’ve also made great progress in expanding our Waqf and Relief programs. These two programs are the core of our organization.

The Waqf program was started with the founding of our organization when we purchased 2 rice fields which have allowed us to efficiently provide crucial rice to the needy. The rice fields still need regular support to pay for farmers, seeds, fertilizer, pesticide, pumped water, etc. so we’ve been working on expanding the waqf with rental properties that would provide a cash flow to completely support our relief efforts long-term. Last year we finished the building of 8 apartments that will provide recurring monthly income for operations and relief.

The Relief program we have today was officially started about a year ago and just last month has grown to provide crucial relief for 200 orphans and widows every month reliably. This program is possible through our monthly supporters as well as the recurring resources of our waqf. Long-term our plan is to replace pure monthly relief done by donations with a permanent and self-sustained charity center that will have its own income source to provide relief as well as other programs aimed at poverty elimination and betterment.

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