Introducing us-Sunnah Foundation

The us-Sunnah Foundation (501c3) aims at providing long-term and permanent solutions through establishment of a network of centers for dawah and charity.

We call this program “Dar us-Sunnah” which plans long-term to build a center in each district of our city to include a minimum of an office, food bank, orphanage and small masjid which will be used for our community efforts such as food distribution, daily education, youth programs, job training, outreach, and more.

The centers will be self-sufficient once built and continuously provide food and services without need for further donations. Our immediate goal for the first center is $45k for ground breaking and getting started while the entire project goal is $160k.

This will be constructed alongside low-income apartments which will dedicate their monthly recurring income to fund all operations, food costs and salaries of a few charity workers. This will make each center self-sufficient.

Additionally the income will be enough to construct a second center like itself in about 10 years for long-term expansion; then with two centers a third in ~5 years and so on. You can read the full proposal below in English, Indonesian or Arabic.

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