Monthly Orphan Relief Program

Monthly Orphan Relief - Ussunnah

Alhamdulillaah, the us-Sunnah Foundation is now entering our third year as a nonprofit organization. When we founded in 2014 our goal was always to establish long-term and self-sustained charity that would make the most impact to help the needy.

Within our first year we purchased 2 rice fields to begin harvests every 6 months for the needy. Then in our second year we partnered with multiple organizations in Indonesia as a crucial partner in caring for thousands of Rohingya refugees who sought safety in Aceh, Indonesia.

In our third year, last year, we were able to use our rice fields as well as donations from our supporters to feed well over a thousand families with focus on orphans and widows. While our rice fields have been great at what they were intended they do not operate for free and require paying farmers, seeds, pesticide, occasional pumped water, and other expenses that mean we still require donations to provide rice to needy families as well as the other supplies they are in need of.

Since our large success in feeding over a thousand families last Ramadan we’ve piloted a recurring monthly relief program that aims at being self-sustained in the future. In the last several months we’ve been able to feed 100 families with monthly relief supplies while working with them to allow orphans and widows to use their safety net to move towards a better future and end their poverty.

Beginning today we will separate our Waqf efforts and begin our “Monthly Orphan Relief” program. While our waqf program will focus on recurring sources of food and income to support our mission (such as rice fields and rental properties) our monthly relief program will focus on providing crucial aid to the most needy while also leading to establishment of district level charity centers that will be self-sustained to provide regular relief, without future donations, until the end of time, inshaa’ Allaah.

You can view our waqf and relief campaigns at the links below:

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