First Plans

These dawah and charity center plans were provided by Haryanto as a final draft from our input as well as consulting with others. These plans would provide recurring income for all salaries and operations from the apartments as well as 3 level offices with the bottom level being an Islamic shop selling items at good prices to make easy on the people. The center would provide charity, dawah, daily education, youth programs, and more with a full staff. The great part is the operations would only take about half of the income, while the other half would be saved and allow us to build a second center exactly like this one in ~20 years, including the low-income apartments. Then with two centers we could build a 3rd one in only ~10 years, and so on, and so on. Our long-term plan is a network of centers in every city and district that would cooperate and compliment local efforts while providing a solid base for well-rounded charity and education for the people at no cost to them via the waqf (endowment) included. UPDATE: These plans proved too large to get proper support for so we broke our plans into smaller centers for each sub-district. Once each sub-district is covered with smaller centers we believe a large center like this could serve as a Headquarters and expand as a later step. To see and donate towards the new smaller modular plan, please visit:


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